Sibling Support


Emily has 3 siblings, her twin sister Kimberly, an older sister Melissa, and an older brother Michael. At this time in her siblings lives, Kimberly is too young to understand what is going on with Emily. While, Melissa and Michael are adults, they are quite concerned with Emily’s current condition, as well as her future. This is why we added this blog, to allow other siblings to ask questions, make statements, etc that strictly relate to how they cope with having a disabled sibling.

As topics arise we will post them here on the blog or if anyone has any questions or input into this topic, please feel free to express any concerns or questions.

Here is some helpful information to keep in mind, being the sibling of a disabled child could be very difficult. The following are some factors to be aware of:

  • ~ embarrassment around their friends
  • ~ jealous that a lot of the attention or time is spent on the disabled child
  • ~ frustration in response to the inability to communicate or engage in activities with their sibling
  • ~ being the target of aggressive behavior
  • ~ concern over parental stress
  • ~ concern about what their role will be in the future as possible caregiver to their sibling