Welcome to Dreams for Emily.

Here is a little introduction to our family. Our eldest child is Melissa, who is 28 years old, Michael, our son is 27 years old, our twin daughters Emily and Kimberly, who were born on March 18, 2009 and of course Mommy a.k.a. Maria and Daddy a.k.a. Jack.

We found out 5 1/2 weeks into the pregnancy that we had been blessed with twins. A very exciting time in our lives, we were having babies! Everything was going smoothly with the pregnancy, besides it being a high risk pregnancy due to twins and I was seeing a high risk specialist from St Elizabeth’s Hospital in Boston. We had an amniocentesis done just as a precautionary measure. When the results came back, that is when we found out that baby A, Emily had some sort of abnormal chromosomal issue with her 15th chromosome and we needed to see a geneticist for more details. We decided to enjoy the pregnancy and not dwell on what may or may not be. There was nothing to be done now, only time would tell what would happen to our baby, Emily. The pregnancy went well and on March 18, 2009 our beautiful twin girls were born, Emily first and Kimberly 2 minutes later, both healthy.

When Emily was 3 months old, we really began to notice that she was not meeting her milestones and that is when we went and met with her geneticist at Boston University School of Medicine Human Genetics. That was the toughest day of our lives, we received her diagnosis of Isodicentric 15 or IDIC 15. When you realize your baby is “sick” and will never get better, you have so many questions and emotions. That was the day our lives changed forever.

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