Welcome to Dreams for Emily!

 Dreams for Emily is a recognized Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization and ALL donations are tax deductible


Welcome to the official website of Dreams for Emily. Emily is our eldest twin daughter who was born with a very rare chromosomal condition called IDIC 15, causing Epilepsy and Autism. The purpose of our organization is to advocate for Emily, her syndrome and Autism. As well as raise funds to meet the medical needs of children with IDIC 15 and Autism, offer assistance with research, and provide a better quality of life for these children.

The intent of this website is to provide education on      IDIC 15, provide insight on how a loving family addresses the many challenges and uncertainties associated with this condition, and how you can help Dreams for Emily!

Our mission at Dreams for Emily is to raise awareness and advocate for our daughter Emily,     IDIC 15 (aka Dup15q) and Autism. To raise funds to meet the medical/therapeutic/equipment needs of those affected with IDIC 15 (who we refer to as Emily’s “brothers and sisters”) and/or Autism. As well as make monetary donations to assist with research.